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VR HOT for PC now features an experimental version of Hand Tracking.


If you already know VR HOT for Quest, you will be familiar with this - you don’t need controllers anymore (most of the time), just put them away, let the headset detect your real hands and you are ready to go.


We have tested it with Quest 1, 2 and Pro. And it also should work with other headsets supporting Hand Tracking.


Get a first impression in the video:

We can only give instructions for Quest users!

Step 1

Open  and register.

Step 2

Create an 'organization'. You can use your personal name, for example. You'll need to accept the developer agreement and to verify your account using either a credit card or a phone number. 

Step 3

Now open the Oculus app on your smartphone or tablet. In the Settings tab, tap on the headset and tap 'More settings'. In the list, you should now see Developer Mode. Once you have enabled developer mode it is a good idea to reboot your headset to be able to see it on the device.

Step 4

Open the Oculus desktop software, go to the Settings > Beta and activate the „Runtime Features“.

Then go to Settings > General, choose „OpenXR Runtime“ and toggle „Set Oculus as active“.

Step 5

Now it’s time to connect the USB cable. Once you are connected you will have to allow USB debugging access on your headset. You should also select 'Always allow from this computer' to prevent this message from coming up every time you connect.

Step 6

Start VR HOT, still using the controllers. Once in game, open the Main Menu and got to Main > Settings > Controls and activate „Experimental Hand Tracking“




How to use it


If you are using hand tracking, you can choose between "Grab Mode" and "Touch Mode" in the Interaction Menu (left side).

With "Grab Mode" activated, you can connect your hand to parts the Hottie’s body. A green object will appear in your hand.


Move it into the Hottie's mouth, hips or vagina and then connect it by making a grab pose with your hand.


Make sure not to start the „grab pose“ before entering the Hottie’s body.


Now you can hold your penis, a dildo or a fleshlight in real life and control the Hottie’s movements at the same time.

Have fun!

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