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FAQs for Quest

How to install VR HOT for Quest

DISCLAIMER: You can only install the app on a headset while you are an active subscriber!


1. Get Sidequest


2. Install VR HOT for Quest

  • Download the .apk file on our Patreon page.

  • Open Sidequest, go to the menu bar on the top right and click the folder symbol with the arrow in the menu (“Install Apk file from folder”).

3. Start VR HOT

  • Put on your Quest VR headset

  • Open the App Library in the Quest Menu

  • Click the drop down menu in the top right corner and select „Unknown Sources“

  • Start VR HOT

  • The Room Setup for Passthrough should start automatically on the first start of VR HOT

  • To open it manually, go to Settings > Experimental > Room Setup in your Quest menu

  • Have fun!

What is the blue object and how can I use it?

  • It's a dildo and you can use it as a dildo.

  • Grabbing and using it is much easier with controllers than in Hand Tracking Mode

What is the yellow object and how can I use it?

  • It's a flashlight as an additional light source

  • To adjust the brightness, open the Main Menu and go to Main > Settings > Spot Light

What is "Grab Mode"?

  • If you are using hand tracking, you can choose between "Grab Mode" and "Touch Mode" in the Interaction Menu (left side).

  • With "Grab Mode" activated, you can connect your hand to parts the Hottie’s body. A red object will appear in your hand. Move it into the Hottie's mouth, hips or vagina and then connect it by making a grab pose with your hand.  Now you can hold your penis, a dildo or a fleshlight in real life and control the Hottie’s movements at the same time.

What are HottieCards?

HottieCards store data about the Hotties appearance in the image (PNG) files. HottieCards can be downloaded from the HottieCards Discord Server.

How to create a HottieCard on Quest

  • Unfortunately this is not possible due to technical restrictions by Meta.

  • You can create Hotties and store them in one of the 10 save slots locally.

  • If you want to create HottieCards, get the PCVR version on Steam: 

How to add a HottieCard to the Quest

  • Open Sidequest on your PC or Mac.

  • Click the folder symbol in the menu on the top right for „Manage files on headset“

  • Go to Android/data/com.VR_HOT.VR_HOT_QUEST/files/

  • Now you can add HottieCards to this folder via drag and drop


VR HOT crashes on the Quest 2

  • VR HOT on the Quest 2 might crash if you take off your headset in-game. As this does not occur on the Quest Pro, we believe this to be a Meta bug.

The Hottie is tiny, can I make her taller?

  • Your Guradian is not set up properly.

  • Make sure the Developer Mode on your Quest is deactivated.

  • Do the Guardian Setup on your Quest.

  • NOW activate Developer Mode and start VR HOT.

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